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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adelaide All Nighter.

So for my besties 26th it was decided a group of us would go into town clubbing.

The first & last time I went, even after cradeling my drink ALL night, I stupidly placed it on the floor to jump on stage for free concert tickets. I was literally belly bounced off the stage by (big crazy cow) rather large girl so I grabbed my bottle without another thought & continued to dance. Within 5 minutes I felt 'off' & when I tried to stand up straight, realised I couldn't & things didn't seem 'real' or 'normal'.
In a panic & began calling out for my besties name until she cam e running, dragged me outside & dumped me in a taxi with her to get us home quickly. After sleeping it of I spent the entire drive home the next day vomitting in a bucket.
Now can you see why I didn't want to ever go to the city again?

That was around four years maybe more ago so I agreed & went.
Turned out to be a good night actually!
Went to 2 clubs, then a strip club (first time ever for me) then another club with 90's only music. Some great tunes belted out then some not so great like 'S Club' & 'Barbie Girl' not saying that back in the day I didn't like them but now, cringeworthy doesn't even come close, especially when I found myself singing along & knowing the words!

After staying out until 4am, waiting for the train station to open at 6am & finally making in home by 8am I was understandably tired. I'm amazed that people do that EVERY weekend. It damn near KILLED me last night/this morning.

Turns out (of COURSE) the kids behaved themselves, slept well & were just waking up as I walked through the door for the breakfast run.
I fell asleep for a few hours watching a DVD but I believe it was the housework calling my name that awoke me, either that or the screaming & fighting of Koby & Sonaeya over whose turn it was to jump on the bed next.
Yep, welcome home mummy :)

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