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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Frog :)

My little frog has graduated to crawler. Full blown knees and all CRAWLER!
I bought him bright green pants & a green sweatshirt to match today. Why you ask? Green = frog LOL!
He also looks good in green so I'm not that bad REALLY.

I had a childfree day today & all I managed to do was a load of washing (Sonaeyas peed on blanket that she didn't tell me about - I found it by following the smell), met up with a friend at the shops, did my groceries, picked Koby up from school, more washing, checked the oil in my dads car & used almost a WHOLE bottle 'topping it up' befpre his service in a fortnight. He said 'Oh the oil gauge is showing it's low' no s*$% Sherlock when I checked, it was 4 mm off of completely EMPTY! His tyres are bald too - we had words & then he left to organise new tyres :D

The other 2 are home, Sonaeya got into trouble within ONE MINUTE of walking through the door for clicking randomly on the computer screen & subsequently opening & closing things that she shouldn't have. GRRRRR.
On a brighter note I DID get lots of cuddles from all three of them today. Insert cheesy grin & mushy feelings here.

Completely off topic, I'm going to town on Friday night for a friends birthday. It will be COLD as usual so I think jeans & boots are a must but a top........ I don't have any dressy town tops with a side of 'need to keep me warm so bits don't fall off'. I had a quick look after meeting a friend today but nothing :(

Looks like I need to go shopping then :D

Right now I'm being asked to 'look a my machine mummy LOOOOK!' & also have little miss asking 'mummy can you open my bubbles?'
'Mum, mum, mummy, this machine makes toys into a different one. It has an xray to show you' yes, empty soft drink & milk boxes come in handy to keep children entertained, as does a 50c bottles of bubbles.
*SIGH* where did the weekend go?

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