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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Badges & Predators!

I found a 6 pack of sheriffs badges for Sonaeyas birthday for the fellas to wear & hubby & I were able to see 'Predators' at the movies on Saturday night. Boy was that an awesome, blood thirsty movie! Here's where I'm a little different to most - I LOVE blood, guts & gore movies where my female counterparts prefer the 'Sex & The City' type. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it's just not me!
When it comes to wanting to go to a movie with another female, there's only ONE female I know that would watch what I do & that's the ever famous bestie Bekkhi, BUT she lives 1.5 hours away & me having kids, it's hard to get a babysitter & go to a movie with her.
ANYWAY point is - I SAW PREDATORS! Strangely enough I can relate to the Preds though, you know, being invisible to others most of the time, knowing exactly what I'm saying exept no one but me understanding what's coming out of my mouth, things going fine until ONE person in the bunch screws up my plans..... SEE the Predators & I aren't much different except I don't have dangly things hanging all around my head..... well small dangly things that breathe running around my house..... but I don't have ugly claw things coming out the side of my mouth either with sharp teeth...... but I have 2 smaller versions of me that bare their teeth at each other & make scary monster noises..... but I don't go around making growling noises at everything I see & pointing a red laser at them before I shoot.....but I may utter some words (in French) & throw things before giving someone my lazer beam stare.... OK so now I friggin LOOK like them too & have their manerisms. Maybe that's the reason I like their movies so much?

Back to the movie (I can't believe I have things in common with an ugly assed alien....) the convict guy & the doctor were a crack up as far as I'm concerned. Actually now I think of it, I have things in common with the convict too (no I didn't commit a crime & have never been to jail but I did shoplift once about 10years ago but that's another story) the convict gets rather upset at one point as all he has is a tiny knife & the rest have big guns, some have 2. I found it hilarious when he realises this & gets quite upset about it, complaining "I want a gun, it's not fair. You have 2 guns give me a gun!" Reminds me SO much of my kids strangely enough....

Completely different topic to the movie though (which I HIGHLY recommend seeing if you're as sadistic minded as I am) & back to my little family of monsters.
My 'little girl' is growing up to be quite the little madam with her choice of words & sentences. Apparently I'm 'a cheeky mummy' & 'drink beer' on the weekend. She's started with the many many questions about 'mummy why is your hair bigger?' 'What colour is your hair?' 'Why do we have a roof on the house?' 'mummy Tevven has 2 tongues' (she means teeth) She's quite the character when she's in the mood but lately her mood is just to annoy her older brother as much as (monsterly) humaly possible & dob on him for EVERYTHING! "Muuuuuuuuuum Koby called me a liar!" "Muuuuuuum Koby said the 's' word" "Muuuuuuuuuuuuuumm!"
I must get her to childcare right now as she is the last one to wake up & has already started with the "Muuuuuuuuuuumm Koby said....."

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