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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is There A 'Holiday' Switch?

Does anybody know if there is a school holiday insanity switch?
I'm not joking here I'd REALLY like to know because this past 2 weeks with my eldest two it's been as my blog title suggests - INSANE!
The 6.5yo boy & 3.5yo girl have been at each others throats for the entire 2 weeks & nothing I did would stop them from the constant fighting, hitting, yelling, pushing, tantrums you name it. Not even bribery!
Now school is back & Koby is at school again - BOOM - they are back to normal again. I mean, still arguing & fighting a bit but nothing like the 'holiday' period.

I guess they're called 'school holidays' for a reason - so the teachers can hand our kids back & hit their favourite alcoholic beverage because I'm telling you, I was close on a few occasions.
Now I'm happily home with my tiny Mr 'T' again, glad not be be refereeing between two kids that for some reason can't think of anything else to do with their time!
Hope your 'holidays' turned out better :0)

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