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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lots To Do!

So there's a lot happening here at the moment & more about to happen. I somehow have to figure it all out into some sort of order & tackle it one by one.
So firstly Koby developed a red eczema looking rash on the back of his right arm. He still had it a week later & it seemed to get worse Friday night so I called out a locum. Well, I wasn't expecting to be told Koby has SHINGLES!
He's off school for an entire week, on very expensive tablets to help clear it & is highly dangerous, contagious wise, to anyone whom has never had chicken pox or hasn't been vaccinated. Lucky he's good at home but only when Sonaeya isn't here to fight with.

On another note it's almost Sonaeyas 4th birthday party. It's my Little Pony themed so I have my work cut out for me!
The only thing is I have 2 rolls of carpet under the carport that I desperately want laid BEFORE her party so it doesn't look so 'trashy' under there, what with hubbys pool table that he picked up for free from someone down the road & STILL hasn't decided what to do with it yet!
I'm in the process of getting carpet layer quotes & then I have to organise someone to babysit whilst it's laid & someone else to help remove all the stuff fin the room so the carpet can be replaced. Oh the joys!

I tried a new website called here in Adelaide that home delivers meat. I figured with cheap prices the same as what I pay in the supermarket & free delivery over $30 - why not give it a go? I did & it's FANTASTIC quality & comes all pre-packed so I was stoked & will definitely be ordering more next month.
The homemade hamburgers that I made from the mince meat last night, went down a treat - YEAY for me!

I had an 'incident' with my food processor yesterday. Not a good incident either, rather scary & needless to say I'll be hunting for a new processor within the next few weeks too!
I plugged it in & flicked the switch ion the wall ready to load up the ingredients to process. For some reason the processor started by itself! The power dial wasn't on so I have no idea why it did it but all the blades & attachments were IN the bowl when the machine turned on! The noise was DEAFENING & scared the crappers out of me. I quickly yanked the plug out of the wall & picked my heart up off the floor, washed it & put it back in my chest - I was that scared from the unexpectedness of it all!
I will sell the attachments to it but the unit itself will be going in the bin!

Right now I have to see if the baby is asleep or whether he has woken up & causing trouble in his cat, then ring a carpet guy back to organise a day for him to visit!

Have a good afternoon all!

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