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Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Much To Say So Little Space.....

Can anyone help me with where to start? Anyone? No? Thanks for the help (not....) Ummmmmm let's see, well actually some of us can't see, take my husband for example. Yes, after Tevven appeared to wake up with conjunctivitis on Friday last week, I repeated myself over & over to the other 2 kids "Whatever you do do NOT kiss his face ANYWHERE & do NOT put your hands on his face as you'll catch it too if you get it in your eyes.
Well, this morning hubby complained of stinging eyes and within a few hours had full blown conjunctivitis as well! Infact, I've personally never EVER seen anyone have it THIS bad even after getting meds from the docs straight away it's bad.
His vision is blurry, eyes are constantly weeping & VERY red & sore & his eyelids? They're extremely swollen so he's useless behind the wheel of a truck!

Our almost 9month old (yes you read that right, even I had to double check that one) has got Bronchialitis & possibly asthma so he's on meds too my poor, tiny little man :(

He's got his second tooth JUST popped through this morning so hopefully that's a release & he's still managing t crack us some gorgeous cheeky grins.
I think I need to upload a few new pics yes?

So it's 11pm exactly & said baby is up & at 'em after falling asleep early & being stuck in the car with his parents looking for a bigger freezer today. By the way, we didn't find one either so insert sad face here >then end here<

The weather is bloody FREEZING here by 5pm & all through the night until around 9am.

I braved my first EVER toy sale this morning. When I say this morning, I mean it opened at 12AM! Yes me, devoted mother of 3 monsters, left the house at 11:35pm, arrived at 11:45pm & made it through the store in just over 20minutes with everything I went in for. After putting in petrol & buying bread, I was home by 12:55AM - not a bad effort if I do say so. Oh, saying that, to all the (completely crazy toy sale psycho parents) other devoted parents out there, sucks to be you thinking you were smart getting a trolley & then getting stuck not being able to get around the hundreds of shoppers!
I on the other hand could walk around with ease & squeeze my way through the crowds with a simple (move or lose it a***ole!) excuse me please.....
Now where was I? Oh yes, scouting around here for pics to add......

Cheeky laundry tub baby....


Just because (My Cheeky Boy :))

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