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Friday, July 9, 2010


I've LITERALLY laid awake all night & not had any sleep at all. That's the only down side of my strong migraine meds & WHY I try to avoid them where possible. After getting a headache all over my entire head late last night, I had no other choice!

So now I'm awake with the baby, strangely not feeling tired but yawning - go figure.
I suppose to avoid taking meds I should try & prevent the giant headache to start with but there lies my problem.
It's school holidays. I have the 8month old baby at home PLUS the 3.5yo Girl PLUS the 6.5yo (going on 21yo) boy. The baby is FABULOUS, put the other 2 monsters with him & he's still great. Put the two eldest toddlers together & THERE lies my problem. It's like splitting an atom & making a nuclear bomb, it's just not neccessary in my opinion. These two literally turn into monsters, well, they don't change colour or grow sharp teeth or become incredibly hairy but...... well O.K. so anyway they turn as close to a monster as humanly possible.
They yell, scream, fight, shove, smack, scream you name it they do it! Time out - didn't work, separating them - didn't work, yelling back at them - didn't work, re-directing their attention to another task - didn't work. It's just school holiday Itis but it's driving me completely INSANE!
Hubby walks through the door from work, I hang over the baby & I'm gone. Well, not literally 'gone' but walking off to do laundry or fold clothes or ANYTHING which means I can leave the room & let HIM have a go. After a few hours yesterday, he too had had enough. So it's not just me...... today though is Sonaeyas childcare day so I have just the two boys with me & hopefully no headache. Time to hit the shops, buy some birthday food for her party coming up & hunt down some Sheriffs badges for hubby & Koby for her party theme. We'll get to that another day but I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in another post.
Right now Tevven is squarking away in his walker toy thingo & yelling into his hand. Actually, funny story here, last night whilst I was on the computer (surprise there) I heard Tevven wetting himself with laughter behind me but had no idea why. Upon turning round I find him sat on the floor with a curtain wrapped around his head that he was flapping around himself. Apparently it was HILARIOUS as he just stayed there & giggled away. Wouldn't it be nice to laugh at a small pleasure like that?
Back to the squarking, I need to get Sonaeya to care, get petrol, draw out some weekly cash & pine away over the fact that I didn't get to see 'Predators' that was released at the movies last night, because no one would babysit without me 'lending' them money :-(

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