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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy Yet Again & My Girl Growing Up.....

So the carpets are all done, painting is done, our new bed has been bought, made up & put in our room (I LOVE the bed it looks fabulous) Our walls have been painted purple with a red feature wall (by me) & today we've decided we can't leave getting new internal doors until next year as we need ones that close properly for the air cons that get installed tomorrow morning!
Of to a door shop today LOL!
Here's some pics of our new paint job & bed as well as a 'before' shot of our UGLY bedroom we've lived with for the past SEVEN years!

Room Before:

Here's our room after my awesome paintwork :0)

On another note, my little baby girl isn't so little anymore - she's turning a big 4 & we've noticed how much more grown up she is lately.
With her funny little poses, her attitude back at us when she gets into trouble & her oh-so-sudden sickly sweetness & cheeky smile she's using as a ploy to get her out of trouble!
Here's what she USED to look like, my little baby girl.....

My baby girl, about 30seconds old after she accidentally arrived on our lounge room floor in a hurry 17/8/2006

About 4-6months old here:

On her 1st birthday

On her 2nd birthday (Her Dora party was on the weekend)

3rd birthday (animal party on the weekend)

This is my 'baby' girl today:

Where does the time go?

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