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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Baby Girl Is FOUR!

Goodness time flies!
Sonaeya had her 4th birthday party on Saturday & had a great time! A big thankyou to all who came!
She was spoilt rotten & had fun playing with the kiddies - then crashing in her bed without waking up once!
HEre's a few pics:

Her actual birthday cake on her birthday:

The My Little Pony set we bought her:

Her cake on the day of her party:

Can't believe she's FOUR & now a full-time kindy girl :0(

The kids had a crazy dancing session in the house before they hit the sdack for the night & mummys girlies came over.
Lets just say there were many different types of alcohol involved & some very sore heads later. We finished up at 2am!
Add to the the MOTHER of all migraines I got the day after on Sunday & the fact the fridge blew all the power in the house & is getting fixed (I hope) this morning, the past week has been quite the eventful one!
How was everyone elses weekend?

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