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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why So Difficult For Something So Simple?

No seriously I'm asking that question. I bought 2 rolls of carpet from auction for the house. I decided last week that that was it & I wanted them laid before Sonaeyas b'day party so the rolls weren't sitting out there.

The installer did Sonaeyas room with the $18 piece & it looks fabulous (after I re-painted her walls bright yellow & pink!)

Then it came time to do the lounge carpet. Or so I thought.
After un-ravelling the 'blue' carpet, this is what we discovered.....

As you may (or may not) be able to see, the 'blue' carpet changed colour halfway through to a zig zag white pattern then an 'oatmeal' sort of colour. I couldn't believe it!

I shot off to a few carpet stores & found carpet that I liked but the price - I HATED!
Now the 'blue' piece that was faulty originally cost me roughly $260. The new carpet I picked out at the shop cost me $790! It's commercial grade carpet & it's GORGEOUS but that's a hell of a lot of $$$!
Anyway the carpet is laid & I even managed to paint a feature wall before the installer came too! You can see that picture below also:

This is what the lounge looks like with the new carpet:

Now I have to ask - does anybody else notice all of the 'orbs' in the picture? For those of you that are believers in spirits, 'orbs' are supposed to signify a spirit from what I've heard. I didn't think anything of the pictures to start with, infact after taking the first one I deleted it & cleaned the lense, the flash, everything thinking it was dirty. I took FIVE pictures & cleaned the camera after each one but the 'orbs' remained yet the pictures of the other rooms came out perfect.

I also re-painted Sonaeyas bedroom walls (until midnight mind you) before her carpet went in too!
Here's the rest of the piccies!

Sonaeyas room colour before:

Sonaeyas room after:

Pic 2 of her room:

Before her carpet, just bare floors:

I thought I had a picture with the lounge room carpet all in, the feature wall & all the furniture returned but it's not there - grrrrr
I'll have to upload that later.
I've decided to have a garage ale this Saturday to get rid of all the kids clothes that they've outgrown! I hope I can get rid of them all!

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