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Friday, September 17, 2010

MIA Again But Here Goes.....

The show was AWESOME! I must have blown $130 or so just on the rides!
Managed to get hubby on ONE & as soon as it started off he freaked & wanted to get off then & there - sook!
Came home & had a sleep before munchkin pick up time :0)

We're off to QUEENSLAND for a holiday in a few more weeks YEAY!
Only been saving up & waiting for a YEAR now!

I've bought some blank metal hair clips for Sonaeya & stacks of ribbon & buttons, jewels, pretty much anything I can use to stick on something.
Made all the bows by hand & will be ATTEMPTING to actually make some up today (kids permitting)
I've also pinned together a new blanket for Sonaeya so she gets rid of the duck one - PLEASE I can't take anymore of the raggedy old duck blanket!

Interesting conversation between hubby & Koby last night - had me in stitches.
It went like this:
K: "Daddy. This is a picture I drew of my house when I'm bigger & this is the bedroom where me & my woman will sleep" (I had to laugh at the 'me and my woman' reference there)
S: :OK but do you have a girlfriend?"
K: "What? I get a girlfriend but live with a woman?"
S: "No girls grow up to be women."
K: "Yeah & then I'll grow up into a SEXY man!"

OMG seriously I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff.
Take last weekend for example, out at a friends 27th b'day for dinner.
He turns around to said friends fiance & asks "Will! Where are all the ladies at?"
I mean seriously all the 'ladies' & 'women' this kids nuts!

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