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Sunday, October 3, 2010


No, seriously, we're all of to QUEENSLAND for 10days for my sisters wedding (of course) but more so that this mummy can get her thrills on ANY scary ride she can wait in line for!
It'd pretty much be the ONLY time I'm kid free, you know, with the heights restrictions for kids and all AND the fact that hubby (big baby) is PETRIFIED of heights & HATES any ride.
AAAAAhhhhhhh just thinking about the thrills - I can't wait to go.
Give me speed, give me g-force, give me my stomach in my mouth!

Right now though, I'm on the thrill ride of school holidays - UGH!
The baby, Tevven, is as awesome as ever, popping teeth through, ALMOST walking by himself, a few steps here & there.
The older two? Fighting like two bulls, seriously it's driving me bonkers!

I have a house to keep, bags to back, groceries to buy, all with the kids in tow whilst hubby's at work as there's no childcare/school.
When they're good, they're great, but when they're bad, they're very, very bad........

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