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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Well, as usual, NO ONE turned up for Sonaeyas 'Princess' party yesterday afternoon.
No, no - I'm not exaggerating either - not ONE single person showed up!

Turns out they'd gotten themselves drunk the previous night & all had hangovers so decided to cancel, & others just didn't turn up. My poor little 'princess' was DEVASTATED to say the least that there were no 'bigger princesses' coming to her party.
At least mummy & daddy went to the effort of dressing up.
YES OK, OK I DID wear a dress, the pics down there *points*

All I can say to those that didn't bother to come or decided getting drunk was more fun & then getting sick the day after, was better than making a 4yo's day (hell YEAR for her) then FU^K YOU!
I mean it. How dare you. Just wait until YOU have kids & YOU see how it feels to see your child HURTING so much. You sit there & watch the TEARS stream out of their eyes & soak their clothes. I hope it hurts you ten fold.

Anyhow, I cut out one of the 4 car mats I'm having made up for the Tarago. I did the boot one as that was the hardest one & I needed a 'helper' for it.
Once they're cut out I'll have them sewn around the edges to look like real mats :0)

My Little Princess:

Mummy & Daughter Princess (well I felt awful wearing a dress but anything for her)

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