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Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Know What?

I don't care. I don't care if people don't read my blog because it's not funny.
I don't care if I only have one follower.
I write this blog when I have a spare few moments. Three kids is hard work. This blog is to give an insight into the day in the life of a 27yo married mummy of three kids.
It's to show the ups, the downs, the happy times, the sad times, the teary times & the hair pulling times.
It's to allow people to share the birthdays, the memories, the anniversaries & the down times that I & my family go through every day.
I've been RIDICULOUSLY busy lately which is why I have posted in over a month.

After renting a Tarago in Queenland to get around in, we realised that we couldn't live without one & wondered how on EARTH I'd been getting three kids around & all their junk all this time in my falcon.
Now don't get me wrong. My car is FABULOUS! I've spent THOUSANDS of dollars on her fixing her up & getting her running great. All three kids (and their car seats) fit OK on the back seat but there's just no room to store their bags or the favourite toys they want to take on the car trip. With a stroller taking up one half of the boot & a box of car essentials (car jack, spare belts, coolant, wheel brace, tool kit) there doesn't leave much room for shopping or anything else for that matter!
The kids have big plastic wheelie bins for their toys in their room which you can't fit in the car if you buy new ones from the shop, if the car is full of people!
AAAAAANYWAY, we started our hunt on the internet, newspapers & word of mouth & found one. A 1990 model, cheaper than most & that my mechanic said was fantastic so we used pretty much everything we had saved over the years (we would have had $1000 more but since the Qld 'caravan park incident' we've been left short of money now.
So far we've spent $1000 on it for new tyres (idiot had the wrong sized tyres on it that were illegal as well as them being re-treads) & $400 part needed replacing & I just ordered new front shockers for it today. (That's this weekends challenge!
I picked up some brand new carpet offcuts from a lady who gave them away & will cut out floor mats from them & get the edges sewn up.
I can't wait to make them up.
Tevven turned a big one (have I mentioned that before?) he started to walk by himself on November 1st just before Kobys birthday. He looks too tiny to be walking around!
He can wave goodbye, puts his hand either side of this face if someone says 'uh-oh' pulls the most evil of stares & giggles at THE most perfect time, especially when someone says the words 'boobies' (Yes, that would be his daddys influence)

Koby is in year one, is up to a level 3 reading which is advanced for his age & is doing OK in school - needs to concentrate more though.
We're trying to sell my purple car & there's 2 people at hubbys work who may be interested in buying it (Yes I MADE him drive my purple car to work to get it some 'for sale' exposure!)

Sonaeya is upset the Koby stays at the MILS house on Friday nights for his T-Ball games on Saturday mornings. She was particualerly upset that he is going to a 'dress up' party on Friday night & she isn't. I decided to invite a few girls around with the strict instruction that they must dress up as a princess for Sonaeya as we're having a 'princess' party on Saturday night for her. I'm talking big, fancy dress, glitter on the face, ribbons in the hair, wands, the works. I'm SOOOO not into anything pink OR princesses for that matter but I'll do it for my girl!
She's currently struggling with a urine infection & keeps wetting through all of her clothes. She's feeling a bit miserable about it so I thought it would be a good way to cheer her up!
I've been thinking of finding a casual job for 1-2 days a week & have been put through a physical exercise program thing with a guy named Chad.
Each week he'd give me exercises to do but with three kids, it's not like I could just 'make the time' to do them!
We have Christmas coming up FAST, I still have a few things to buy but I don't need to rush like others at the last minute.
I was thought to have cervical cancer due to the symptoms I presented with but luckily after being tested, I'm clear. Still doesn't explain my symptoms though....

There's more going on but this post is big enough. It's not easy being a mum of ANY ammount of children & as you can see, they keep me very busy!

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