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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long Time Posting....

I know it's been 3 months since I last posted but I figured, if no one's going to read it then why should I bother?
The thing is, I need to talk. My friend needs to talk, but other than a few, he can't talk to anyone. He SHOULD have been assigned a councillor but no one has even bothered. His partner felt there was no way out & she hurt herself. She's in ICU & they can't do anything for her. She leaves behind my friend & her baby who is only a few months old.
The government services that SHOULD have been helping them get custody of their child back, failed.
Is that of any surprise to me? No, but it does make me angry that it happened in the first place & that they'll spout the usual crap about it 'not happening again' or they'll 'put new measures in place to prevent it in the future' bit late for the family of this girl isn't it?
Why does it take for someone to be pushed to their limit until they fall, before anyone pays attention & offers help?
I've only met this girl a few times but have known the babys father for many years through high school.
He's kind, generous, a computer whiz & has never had a run in with the police in his life so why him?
I HURT for him, I CRY for him, & all the while KNOWING that even after her impending death, he STILL won't get the help he needs or deserves.
The law is so VERY VERY wrong & gives parental rights to the wrong people. He's never done anything but love his child & help out the mother of his child in anyway he can, & this is what it's come too.
I know he's hurting & I don't know how to stop it. He's not sleeping, eating or even thinking & one person is to blame & that's the grandmother on the mothers side.
Even with her own daughter laying in a hospital bed, hooked up to machines, she shows no emotion, she wont even bring her daughters baby to see her before she passes, instead she tells the doctors when SHE wants the machines turned off so her daughter is out of the picture & she can continue with filing for FULL CUSTODY of her grandchild.
You read right, she stole her daughters baby from her house & the police can't give him back without a custody order in place.
The girl couldn't take it anymore & took matters into her own hands. She'd rather die than see her mother have custody of HER baby.
What kind of a mother DOES that to their OWN child? I can't fathom it, I can't understand it & even looking at things from her point of view, she's STILL wrong.
I want the girl to get better, to go to court, get her baby back & move on but I'm not the person who can make that happen.
To my friend, I love you! Even now I sit here & cry knowing that NOTHING I say or do will help you get your baby back or keep you-know-who alive.
I ask that you PLEASE look after yourself. My offer still stands, my car is out the front waiting & my phone on 24/7 waiting for you to call.
Do not feel guilty as none of this is your fault. Just remember how many people are here to offer you anything you need & help you tomorrow in what will be THE hardest day of your life. Please, don't do it alone....xoxo....

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