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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Over a Year....

I stopped writing my blog a year ago. I just didn't see the point of keeping it going if no one bothered to read it you know?
Then I realised that having very few friends if not NONE my age with kids, that I could talk to, then how else was I going to 'let it all out' without blowing my stack for no reason because I was frustrated?
I've been soooooooo caught up with life & new directions thrown at me that I've barely even had time to sit down in front of a computer anyway :(
Where do I start, I mean, it's been over a YEAR for goodness sakes!

Well in the past few months my husband has broken his nose whilst working on the shed (you'll read about that later) & now after surgery to 'fix it' which didn't work, he now requires a total nose reconstruction! WHOOPWHOOP *sarcasm*

My youngest little pocket rocket Tevven, fell on a bunk bed rail & split his lip & gum open & even managed to get a tooth to go through his bottom lip.
He too required a plastic surgeon to stitch up his face under a general anaesthesia (I've never been more scared in my life).
He was due to be discharged a few hours after surgery when my MIL brought his older brother & sister to visit him & my daughter suddenly got her mystery afternoon temperature for the FOURTH day in a row with no other symptoms at all.
I took her downstairs to the hospital ER & she was admitted to hospital with a kidney infection JUST as the upstairs ward rang me to tell me my youngest was being discharged (oh the joys of kids) so I ended up staying in hospital for 3 days with my daughter whilst my husband took our boys home.
My little miss is doing great after 48hours straight of IV anti biotics but requires 14days of oral anti biotics & daily doses of iron liquid.
Tevven is healing beautifully well & my husband is due for his next surgical consult soon.

In the midst of ALL of this & more, I have accidentally come about starting a business from home that we have been building a workshed for, hence my husbands broken nose.
He attempted to reverse a tec screw out of a block of wood but it was stuck & the block of wood spun around on the drill, smashing him across the bridge of his nose, breaking it in half :(

After 6 months of busting our butts, the workshed is ALMOST complete. I have a few more pieces of gyprock to install & all the corner s & joins to patch op ready for painting, then I can install the skirting boards & carpet tiles ready for the big reveal.
Hubbys birthday's in a few weeks & my besties sons first birthday this weekend so every spare minute I get is spent working on getting things finished in the workshed.

Tevven has been seeing a speech program with me which was cancelled halfway through from the inconsiderate parents who just never bothered to show up each week, but with lots of help from mummy, he's picking up words & talking away nicely now so I'm happy with his level of speech.
Still no news on his PHPV eye front. Nothing can be done until they allow stem cell transplantation into humans which they don't believe will be allowed until my little man is at least 10years old :(

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