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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jemm D's - Getting There!

So the workshed we have been building since October of LAST YEAR....... is almost complete *squeal*
I am at the point now that I'm just OVER it all.  The measuring, cutting, sanding, filling, screwing, painting, taping, climbing, cleaning, filing, adjusting & everything else it has entailed.
I just want the carpet tiles in & everything ready to go because I NEEEEED my lounge room back!

I have boxes & boxes & boxes of stock (fabric, binding, hook & loop, strapping & so much more) piled up in the lounge on various chairs or strategically piled up around the TV screen or behind my kids bedroom doors (no exaggeration, if I posted a photo you'd freak) so I've made the decision.  Once tax time is over, we're going lounge suite shopping.

I figure, the kids can have our current one (removable, washable cover) in their half of the shed (their play room) & mummy & daddy will finally get an upgrade after 8 years of this one.
Don't get me wrong - we LOVE the lounge but it's looking a bit tired & sorry for itself now.

If only this shed was done, I'd have somewhere to sew, to create, to pin, to HIDE!

The kids are great.  We were playing a game with Tevven a few nights ago & I asked Tevven to close both eyes.  I then covered his good eye up.  Hubby was positioning a toy somewhere behind me where he could see it.  He would open his bad eye & was POINTING AT THE OBJECT!
We were stunned & excited as we'd been told he would at best, only see light & shadows so for him to see AND point to the object, is truly amazing for us to find out :)

Right now, it's time for me to go outside & do some more painting on the shed :)

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