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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who Would Have Thought That A Quote Could....

Get us into BIG trouble & probably cost us $5300?
Anybody that knows me well KNOWS, that I am the bargain QUEEN.  No.  Seriously people ring me for advice on the best price for an XYZ.  I'm SUPER careful with money & our household budget, always trying to make sure we have bank savings for that 'just in case' situation.
If we need something major like a roof repair, new appliance or change of insurance, I quote around for a few weeks & THEN make a decision on which option to take.

So, hubby & I noticed our roof needs desperate attention.  I set about calling various roofing companys out of the local paper & the yellow pages.
After about 10 had been over 2-3 days, I started checking out their builders licence numbers to make sure they were qualified to do my roof.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered only TWO of them actually held the licence to do roofing!
I eventually rang the Housing Industry Australia to check into them further & find out if there was a site I could look on for roofers already checked to save me the work.  I was directed to another website where there were tradies listed AND checked & I was also given the names of four companies local to me.
I rang & spoke to the second on the list.  He asked me the usual questions, 'What do you need doing?'
'Whysed & then I'd HALF that amount & know I was in the ball park figure of an actual roof repair/restoration.
This particular roofer asked me who those 'big guns' were that came out.  I told him the names & he told me to check my 'quote' for a price from (let's just say RSA).  I did & he said he would bet that it WASN'T a 'quote' at all but a work order to COMPLETE THE JOB!  All $5300 of it :S
He advised that I send them a letter saying I would NOT be going ahead with it due to 'personal reasons'.
I immediately rang the company & was put through to the manager who, long story short, told me that i'd signed a work order & it was a legal document.  I argued that we'd both been ASSURED it was a quote & was told 'that's all hear say.  I wasn't there so I wouldn't know'
I went straight to legal aid the next day & was told to draft another letter & send it via registered post (to ensure it was received) stating that I wanted the verbal cancellation given to me over the phone, in writing within 7 days.  It's been two days now (sent on Thursday last week) & I'm SHI%^&NG myself just quietly :(
I have been in TEARS over this.  I've rung the Office of Consumer & Business Affairs who said, basically, hubby & I have hear say where as THEY have my signature on a legal document.
IF 'RSA' send me a cancellation letter, all well & good BUT if they decide to be as big an AS%^OLE like they were on the phone, we may end up in court, paying court fees & will either have to pay court costs plus 20% of the contract OR the full $5300 for a job that hasn't even been done.

So there we have it.  EVERYTHING we have been trying to do, to get on top of our house & finances, has all gone in the blink of an eye, due to one DODGY salesman.
Next step for us will be A Current Affair & Today Tonight as we don't have any other options :(

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