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Friday, November 15, 2013

Over 23 months & Another Baby :)

June 2012 was my last blog post? That's over a year ago yet it doesn't seem that long ago.
SOOOOO much has happened since then, including the newest addition to our family, another son named Zylen Jarel Booth.
I have a business sewing dog jackets for people that are tailor made to measure their favourite furry friends :)

We are in the throws of possibly extending our house so, bigger laundry & bedroom for the boys but it's SUCH a daunting task to do yourselves with your own tradesman (called owner build), rather than hiring a ridiculously over priced building form to do the work.

All the different trades needed are engineer, draftsmen, brick layer, carpenter, sire supervisor, plumber, tiler, electrician & I'm sure there's more than that also :(

I've been making candles for about 2 years or more now & love the different scents & colours I can create.
I'm finding it very difficult having a 4yo & a 7 month old at home and my house work (or lack there of) is suffering greatly for it.

I should just buy & sell things rather than having a business that requires measuring, cutting, pinnig, sewing, binding, strapping etc etc.
Any takers? No? How mean....

What do you all do to pass the days away?

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